PC Bits Cell Phone Repair was on KS95!

PC Bits Cell Phone Repair was on KS95! The morning show with Crisco, Dez, and Ryan wrote a song for us. You can check it out at pcbitscpr.com.

Happy (Early) Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! We are going to be closed on Saturday, September 2nd, for the holiday weekend. Thank you. 

Fall Tune Up

Have you done your fall tune up yet? If not drop it off on your way to the fair! Often we can have your computer running better and back to you on the same day. 

Don't Forget!

Time to check your computer for any software updates! These updates are super important for security and functionality. Even if it seems like the updates don't do anything, they often patch any holes in your devices security. If you would like any help feel free to either call us or stop in to see us!

Nextdoor Neighborhood Fave!

We just got the letter that we were voted a Nextdoor Neighborhood Fave for 2023! This is so awesome and we are so glad to have received this award. Thank you all so much for voting for us. 

Closing on Saturday

We will be closed on Saturday, July 22th, for a family event, but we will see you on Tuesday during our normal business hours!

CCleaner Update 6.15 August 22nd

New CCleaner Update! 
Cleaner version 6.15 has appeared. 

You should update CCleaner by clicking on the "Check for Updates" link on the bottom right corner of the main CCleaner screen.

DECLINE,  Turn Down,  say NO, 
"No Thanks",  "
Maybe later"  to any offers of AVAST or the CCleaner Browser,  CCleaner Pro Edition,  AVG, Free VPN or anything else!

It closes 6.13, downloads, installs, then opens the new 6.15  Very quick and easy.  

Edward Holcomb
PC Bits


Beginning June 12th - Call for more information!

Closed for Memorial Day weekend.

Hello everyone we will be closed Saturday 5/27/2023 due to the holidays sorry for the inconvenience. we will be back on Tuesday 5/30/2023.

Have a great Memorial Day!

Windows Updates due Thursday March 16th

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Mar. 14th is Windows Update Tuesday!   Thursday the 16th is a good day to check Windows updates.

NOTE:  Microsoft is still "aggressively pushing" Windows 11.  First they want to check your computer for compatibility.  MOST computers will not be compatible!

DO NOT install Windows 11.  Every new version of Windows has had major problems for no less than two years!  Customers continue to come in with bad problems with Windows 11.  Microsoft "encrypts" the hard drive without your knowledge or permission.  You will need a "key" to read your files if Windows locks up, but you don't know what it is!

Note: Microsoft is still planning on removing Internet Explorer (the oldest browser) soon.  It will happen automatically.  You should stop using it if you still do!


Things You Must Do! Windows 10 NEW Version 2023

15 February 2023
Here is a new updated version of the "PC Bits Things You Must Do" document.  Just for Windows 10 Users. 

It contains several updates that reflect current versions and experience.

Google Chrome opens a "Preview"  of the document.  You can print or download it from the preview.

All ideas for improvements to this document are welcomed.  

Email us at service@pcbitsweb.com

New Feature Update 22H2 is HERE

Feature Update 22H2 is here.  Microsoft rolling it out. (Offering it)
Go to your Windows Update screen and Check for updates.
If you see it offered, Download and Install it.