Windows Updates due Thursday December 13th

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December 11th is Windows Update Tuesday!   Thursday the 13th is the day to install Windows updates.

Windows 10 Users.  Microsoft is slowly rolling out the "fixed" Fall Update.  Another complete new version of Windows 10.  

These twice a year updates take hours on slow computers and take a LOT of hard drive space.  Microsoft makes a complete copy of your current Windows 10, then downloads a LARGE file (the new Windows 10), then installs the new 10 and moves in your "files".  Again this can take hours and a LOT of hard drive space!  Many old computers have performance problems during this update.  You must be aware that this is happening and leave the computer running until it is finished.  DO NOT interrupt this process.  Computers with very full or small hard drives will fail this update. 

Only install all Important updates.

No Optional.


CCleaner Update 5.50 December 3rd

New CCleaner Update!

Another new version of CCleaner 5.50 has appeared.  

This one seems to install correctly.

Download the new version by clicking the link here ccsetup550.exe
In Google Chrome you must Save the file.  Make sure you know where it is going before clicking Save!  

Run the downloaded file by clicking on it's name in the bottom left corner.  

As always watch each screen closely as you click.  Don't let them install anything else!  Uncheck any Avast check-boxes.  

Delete the downloaded file after you are done.

Dean Hancy
PC Bits

JAVA Update October 22nd.

There are several JAVA updates out.

If you are on version 8 there is Version 8 .191.   You need to get it.

If you are on version 10 there is Version 10.0.99.    You need to get it.

DO NOT let it install anything else!
They try to sneak in ASK Toolbar or McAfee Security Scan etc.
Look for these additional items and uncheck these boxes  IF  you see them!

You install the update manually from:  Control Panel > Java (icon) > click the Update Tab.
Click the Update Now button.

Don't worry about the messages about JAVA changes coming.  We are a long way from that time.


SpywareBlaster Update August 2018

There is a new update for SpywareBlaster.  Good time to check it.  Total is now 17,901.


Avira Update 26 April 2017

Avira is downloading a major update.  If it wants to reboot the computer to fully install, then you must agree and let it happen.


Things You Must Do! - Is New Again!

PC Bits Things you must do.pdf

4 February 2017
Here is a new updated version of my "PC Bits Things You Must Do" document.
It contains several updates that reflect current versions and experience.
After many requests I put the steps in order.

All ideas for improvements to this document are welcomed.  Email me at

Adobe Google Chrome Extension

The recent Adobe Reader DC "Update" silently and without your permission installs an "Adobe" Extension in your Google Chrome!    Read the link:

Don't click on anything in the link's web-page.

You should "Remove" the extension if you see the warning box open in your Google Chrome.

Adobe is spying on you!



I am constantly getting phone calls from frightened customers claiming that someone called them or a web page popped up claiming that their computer is infected.  The latest scam claims to be from Comcast.

They even claim to be ME! Gary just called me and said a guy with a foreign accent called him and claimed to be "PC Bits Support."  When he began to question him, he hung up.

This is a scam folks.  NO legitimate company or government agency EVER calls people claiming to know their computer is infected.  Neither do web pages "know" that your computer is infected.

People have brought me iPhone's, Chromebooks, Macs, Androids and Windows computers, all with webpages claiming their computer is infected. These scammers just lock up the browser so you can't close the page.  They have a loud voice yelling at you or a loud beeping sound.

Please take some time to read these two web sites.  Educate yourself and your friends and family about these scammers.

If you receive a phone call from anyone claiming to know your computer is infected, do not listen to anything they say!!!  State clearly that you know this call is a scam and that you are reporting this call to the FBI.  Then HANG UP!

If a web page pops up claiming to know your computer is infected, DO NOT call any phone numbers!  Shut off the computer with the real power button.  Just hold it down until the computer goes off!  Reboot and run all your scans.  Do not "Restore" the web page when you open your browser again. Restoring would bring you back to the infected web page!

You can report the scam here: 

Dean Hancy  PC Bits Inc.

New SpywareBlaster 5.5 Install Instructions

There is a new version of Spyware Blaster.  Version 5.5.

Follow all these instructions.  Do not guess.  All my instructions assume you are using Google Chrome.  If you use any other browser you must know where the two files are downloaded.

There are two files to download.  The Instructions and the Install program (exe).
Click on each link to download the file. When the Save window opens you must note where the files are stored on your computer!

Open (double-click) then print out the instructions first, then begin the install.

Carefully read each instruction and follow it.  Don't guess your way through after starting!

Malwarebytes Update 26 March 2016

Watch for it!  A new version of Malwarebytes is coming out!  2.2.1   It will want to download and install.

Just agree to all the screens but watch for the very last wizard screen and UNCHECK the Enable free trial of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware box.

Don't click the Finish button until you are sure the Trial is UNCHECKED!
Thumbnail image for Malwarebytes.jpg

Windows 10 - DO NOT Install

This is an update on my views of Windows 10.  

I have been testing Windows 10, reading about Windows 10, repairing MANY Windows 10 computers, and consulting with my peers.

I cannot recommend Windows 10.  It is simply the biggest invasion of your privacy Microsoft has yet invented.  We read the contract that Microsoft makes you "Agree" to.  They will record everything you do and sell it to third parties.  You agreed to this!  They also have your permission to stream in advertising.  You also agreed to let them use your computer to send files/updates to other computers.  You also agreed that they can send you updates whenever they choose.  No more "Let me choose" when and what to update!

We have been repairing Windows 10 because of the many bad updates Microsoft repeatedly sends out.  After you fix it, they send the bad update again!

There are reports of Microsoft removing programs from Windows 10 computers.  Read the angry notice to Spybot customers on their web page.

Another irritant to us and our customers are the pop-ups on Windows 7 and 8 computers calling for you to install Windows 10.  Microsoft has been hiding this "nag" in several "updates".  They have announced that the Windows 10 install program is going to become an "Important" update.  They have been hiding it in the "optional" updates, but checking it!  Even though they said this was a mistake, they are still doing it!

We still have 4 more years to go on Windows 7.  Resist the advertising.  We can remove the nag for you if you stop by.


Help, I have a Virus!

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What should you do if you suspect you have a virus?

First you must know your PC.  What is "Normal" behavior?  What is your web browser's "Home Page"?  What does normal Internet traffic look/sound/feel like?  How fast is the Internet?  How fast do you get/send emails?

One of the first symptoms of a virus is a "change"!   The Internet is "Slow".  The PC is acting "funny"!  There seems to be lots of activity going on over the Internet wires but "you" aren't doing anything.  Your "Home Page" changes to some other web site, either porn or a site that tries to sell you something.  You can no longer get or send emails.  Google searches that don't show you the right "results" is a frequent complaint.

The obvious symptoms are "pop-ups".  These can happen anywhere and at random times.  They pop-up inside web pages, they pop-up in the system tray (down by the time/clock), they just pop-up on top of everything and they won't go away!  These fraudulent pop-ups can be "official" looking warnings, or advertisements claiming that you are "infected".  They FALSELY claim that they have "scanned" for viruses and found a "Trojan" or some such thing.  Another type of virus pop-up claims that your hard drive and/or RAM is failing.  To prove it the virus begins to erase your icons!

You have Avira AntiVir Guard.  Just who is claiming to have found something?  You should only respond if the warning pop-up is from Avira! (Look for the Red Umbrella and the Remove button.)

If you suspect a virus Immediately shut down the PC using the Power Button then call me immediately at 763-360-2163.